The benefits of breeding as part of conservation are clearly measurable.

Hunting is a sport we love, but we are more than hunters. We are active in the preservation, protection and future of many game species.

South Africa experiences one of the only game populations that continues to grow from day to day, this is mainly due to the extensive game breeding projects such as Chattaronga’s. There is national pride taken in the extensive breeding and repopulation of numerous game species that once existed in abundance but were brought to near extinction by poaching. At Chattaronga, we work as hunters, ranchers, breeders and care-givers to help maintain a proper balance among nature’s most incredible animals, open range and habitats.

Our “Nike” is one of the 4 biggest Cape Buffalo bulls in South Africa – a 52” behemoth. We’re ensuring this species stays robust for many generations.

Limited bookings for 2022 and 2023 are now available.

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